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Cellphone QI Wireless Charging Car Mount

R 359.00

Imagine wirelessly charging your cellphone while using Waze or Google to navigate your way to your next destination. We all know how irritating it can be using a flimsy cable to charge your phone. Simplify life with this fast charging QI-integrated wireless charging car mount.


Benefits and Features:

  • Compatible with Smartphones with integrated Qi or Qi add-ons
  • Power and activity LED indicator
  • Overvoltage protection and short-circuit protection
  • Input power: 9V DC - 1.8A or 5V DC - 2A
  • Max output: 9V DC - 1.2A 5W or 5V DC - 1A 5W
  • Charging efficiency: >75%
  • Charging distance: <5mm
  • Qi Version: 1.1
  • USB Version: 2.0
  • Compatible Phone Sizes: 55mm - 112mm or 4-7inch

    Colour: Black and Red

    Material:  Eco-Friendly ABS and Silicone