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Cufflinks - Personalised With Dome Glass Setting (Rose Gold)

R 349.00

Custom Personalised Cufflinks in Rose Gold made to your specifications. This cufflink set consists of a pair of blank cufflinks with a domed shape glass setting with a personalised custom print on the back of the glass setting.

What to consider before you purchase:

  • After receiving, finalising and approving your artwork, we require 3 additional work days (excluding shipping) to process personalised cufflinks. Please keep this in mind.
  • The artwork, logo or photo must be supplied by the client
  • 3 to 5 words should be used for text prints (the more words you use, the smaller the text will be printed. This reduces the readability)
  • Designs containing a black background requires 1 additional work day, so that the glue can dry properly without leaving a white residue.


  • Cufflink Front Face - 18mm (Diameter)

Colour: Rose Gold