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Suck at buying gifts for men?

Buying a gift for a guy (or bloke), that he actually likes, does not mean you have to break the bank and spend more money. Most of the time putting a little more thought into the type of gift you buy will be of more value than buying a more expensive gift.

Want to know how you can improve your skills and not suck at buying gifts?

1) Think about his hobbies, interests and the sport he likes - Is he a sports fanatic, a gamer or does he enjoy trying a new type of craft beer with his closest blokes on a Saturday afternoon?

2) More sometimes equals less - guys remember gifts that mean something to them. They won't necessarily remember a gift basket with 20 small items inside or one containing biltong and nuts. Again the emphasis is on thinking about the gift you buy.

3) Make sure the gift is useful, practical or has sentimental value.

  • Useful gifts - Did he just buy a couch for his the apartment he bought but forgot to add a pillow or two as decoration.
  • Practical - Does he usually walk all the way to the kitchen every time to fetch the bottle opener for his beer? A cool decorative wall mounted bottle opener might be just what he needs.
  • Sentimental - Took a road trip somewhere last year? Maybe been friends for many years? Consider a gift to help cherish these memories. Please, no printed t-shirts or mugs with pictures of you guys... 

I trust that this article gave you valuable advice with regards to buying gifts for guys.

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