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5D Picture Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle - Lenticular Image (Medium)

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This medium-sized lenticular Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle 5D Picture is a 5D print of one of the best-known whiskey brands on the market.

Lenticular printing is a printing method that, when the image is viewed at different angles, the objects look 3D or changes its appearance (which is 5D). Two or more views of a scene are printed on a thermoplastic sheet of lenticular (concave) lenses that look like parallel ridges.

A perfect piece to place on your wall as a unique 5D decor item for your man cave or bar.

Dimensions: 40cm (W) x 30cm (H) x 0.25cm (Thick)

Material: Thermoplastic sheets pressed together

Video of 3D or 5D effect: Please see second product photo