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Tie Tack - Knot Multi Twist (Gold)

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Keep your tie neatly in place and decorated with one of our elegant gold tie tacks. This gold multi-twist knot tie tack will keep your look clean, styled, and fresh. 

Includes an additional back-clip so that you can wear it as a decorative brooch as well.

Dimensions of round front piece: 1.2cm (Diameter)

Dimensions of chain: 4cm (Length)

Material: Electroplated Copper

Colour: Gold

Packaging: Small Gift Box

How to use a tie tack:

  • Unfasten the shirt button
  • Push the T-Bar through the button hole
  • Close the shirt button again
  • Pull the chain towards you, all the way
  • Remove the stick pin
  • Push the stick pin through the middle of the front of your tie
  • After this push it through the thin end of your tie at the back
  • Fasten the clasp of the tie tack
  • You're good to go.

Where to place the tie tack:

  • One hand measurement above closing button of suit
  • One hand measurement above belly button if not wearing a suit jacket
  • Find the closest button to this measurement

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