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Tie Tack - Round Flat (Gold)

R 179.00

Keep your tie neatly in place and decorated with one of our elegant gold tie tacks. This flat round gold tie tack will keep your look clean, styled, and fresh. 

Dimensions of round front piece: 1.2cm (Diameter)

Dimensions of chain: 4cm (Length)

Material: Electroplated Copper

Colour: Gold

Packaging: Small Gift Box

How to use a tie tack:

  • Unfasten the shirt button
  • Push the T-Bar through the button hole
  • Close the shirt button again
  • Pull the chain towards you, all the way
  • Remove the stick pin
  • Push the stick pin through the middle of the front of your tie
  • After this push it through the thin end of your tie at the back
  • Fasten the clasp of the tie tack
  • You're good to go.

Where to place the tie tack:

  • One hand measurement above closing button of suit
  • One hand measurement above belly button if not wearing a suit jacket
  • Find the closest button to this measurement